Chalk board paint on bottles... good idea!

Chalkboard wine bottles / twine wrapped wine bottles / LOVE. Could use any word such as FAMILY etc.

Chalkboard Wine Bottles DIY

Wine bottle candle holders.

Wine bottle crafts! What a great idea using stone textured spray paint. Could use as candle holders or a vase. #crafts #winebottles

DIY Whiskey Bottle Tiki Torch .. Need Bottles with the same size opening as a beer or wine bottle, Tiki torch fluid, tiki torch wicks, and matches.

glittered bottles with lights

Wine bottle diy decor. I'm loving this bottle idea to decorate.

DIY Jack Daniels (or any booze bottle) Soap Dispenser by Curly Birds.... ** sally beauty supply has pumps for gallon or liter for 2 bucks each**

Wood Wine Glass Bottle Holder (Party for Four) Could make this out of metal with a little cheese dish or something.

Bottles DIY

Craft Tips

Make your own bottle cutter. I was so excited to see this pin! I used to have a bottle cutter when I was a kid, and I've been wanting one again for all these cool bottle crafts!

DIY bottle painting.

DIY Wine bottles

Wine bottle, tape design, spray paint!

Wine Bottle Candy Jars

wine bottle planters

glue gun and spray paint your wine bottles

Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard - would make a lovely menu presentation, no?

Old bottles, chalkboard paint!