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I have no idea what it is…but it’s adorable. The logical part of me tells me it’s a Pomeranian, but the illogical part of me thinks it might just be a cotton ball, or even an albino Pygmy Puff from Harry Potter's World! I want one! Its sooo cuttteee!


Oh My Goodness. When you put together a puppy, a mustache, a top hat, and a monocle, you just can't go wrong.

1,00€ · Regalo Pomerania Cachorros Para La Adopción · No tiene precio del perrito blanco de Pomeranian para la adopción No tiene precio del perrito blanco de Pomeranian para la adopción Hermosa, chica blanco Pomerania está buscando una buena casa. preciosa y compasivo. Criado familia con niños pequeños. Le encanta la comida, el jugar con otros perros y para dormir por ...Contacto para más fotos e información sobre mi Pomerania Cachorro a través de correo electrónico  ( *** ) · Mascotas y…

Gorgeous thick coats, fabulous baby faces and perfect. They have such sweet open expression. Very lovable and playful. Want white tea cup pomeranian puppies well here they are! Perfect and true ice white

Pomeranian           FLUFFY!!!!!!!! OMG I TOTALLY NEED ONE........

To own a white teacup pomeranian puppy in other words. a cotton ball that has a face.

Look at it.

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I want one. funny-little-corgi-dog-fluffy-butt. fluffy butt is what I call my corgi

Look at these little floofballs. Seriously. They look like cotton balls with feet! Too cute.

It's SOO fluffy