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I've always said that my years working with and having greyhounds in my life, saved me, not the other way around

We've rescued an Italian-G however from the rescued G's we,ve met, they make surprisingly good pets. They seem to have big hearts and deserve saving.

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Is that a grey greyhound? They're kinda rare because they were thought to be bad racers and were bred out.

This kid looks a lot like our senior grey, Mariah.

Old dogs can be a regal sight. Their exuberance settles over the years into seasoned nobility, their routines become locked into yours as the quietest and kindest of marriages.


Greyhounds of any age are wonderful pets, they are calm and loving and they just want to be with their humans. If you can adopt even better yet adopt an older dog.make the end of their life the best time of their life!

I am NOT sorry at all..heehee!  They don't leave tear up things either! All rescues!!  ❤❤

^= ❤ Definitely an awesome grey! Unfortunately, almost all sighthounds behave better than most children .

So true...our Snapshot does this often!!

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It's so easy to get mesmerized and lost in greyhound eyes... Navi, fka Jade, has an old soul. #greyhounds

It's so easy to get mesmerized and lost in greyhound eyes Greyhounds make wonderful pets