• Erin Price-Erwin

    alternative garden containers | Moveable vegetable garden in a repurposed ... | Flowers & Gardens

  • Eileen Grasing

    Shopping Cart Container Garden, any climbing plant would work well!

  • Sue Reppond Glass

    wallacegardens: A vegetable garden in a shopping cart. Everything about this is brilliant: a moveable-feast* (portability to follow the sun), repurposed object, vegetable garden, good drainage, built-in fence to protect against rabbits. * Tribute to Ernest Hemingway: A Moveable Feast. genius.

  • JoAnn O'Farrell

    Simple Salad-Garden Containers via Better Homes and Gardens - a new use for children's toy shopping carts.

  • Shawna Coronado

    garden ideas old things decoration shopping cart

  • Conrad Yundt

    No matter if you prefer vertical or horizontal gardens, here are 14 ways to create exciting herb gardens! In Hungarian. (photo Wallace #garden designs #garden design ideas #garden decorating before and after

  • Rena Krause

    Cute idea, but will probably lead to more shopping cart thefts. I'd paint mine cobalt blue, not orange.

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