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With Fidel #cubanჱܓ ჱ ᴀ ρᴇᴀcᴇғυʟ ρᴀʀᴀᴅısᴇ ჱܓ ჱ ✿⊱╮♡❊**Have a Good Day**❊ ~ ❤✿❤ ♫ ♥ X ღɱɧღ ❤ ~ Sat 10th Jan 2015

Reutersfrom Reuters

Cuba's crocs

Baby Cuban crocodiles (Crocodylus rhombifer) are seen in a hatchery at Zapata Swamp National Park, June 4, 2015. Ten baby crocodiles have been delivered to a Cuban hatchery in hopes of strengthening the species and extending the bloodlines of a pair of Cuban crocodiles that former President Fidel Castro had given to a Soviet cosmonaut as a gift in the 1970s. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

سالوادور آلنده ، قسمت سوم سيماى آزادى – تلويزيون ملى ايران – 10 اکتبر 2015 – 18 مهر 1394 ==================== سيماى آزادى- مقاومت -ايران – مجاهدين –MoJahedin-iran-simay-azadi-resistance