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senior picture ideas for guys

senior boy pictures. Going to start this summer to get some in every season...Got a Senior boy coming up fast!!!

Good Idea for a male senior portrait! (This link goes to google's main page but I wanted to post this because it's such a good pose!)

Great ideas for guy/boys different senior poses. #rachelmccalley Approves

Tips for Retouching a Night Photograph using Lightroom

easter photography....gonna try to take this shot, or similar to it, TODAY!

make personalized kids' art with their favorite toys //willowday

Getting your space prepared for a photoshoot is key. This blog post breaks down how to stay organized and prepare all that you might need for a successful shoot!

#papercraft #photography #resources 24 camera features every beginner photographer must memorize

Something I've learned is that lighting is key for a good food photo! This article explains how you can get the mood you want to express in your photos.

Photography 101

EE Cummings Quote Pillow Cover Inspiring by ShadetreePhotography

DIY Heart-Shaped Bokeh (Light Blur Photography) Tutorial

Take me home, to the place where I'm from by Kim Leuenberger, via 500px

BOKEN Christmas Sparkle Milk and Honey by Theresa Thompson using a LensBaby to get dreamy magical effects. BOKEN SETTINGS: AB800 1/32 through white umbrella front & camera right. AB800 1/32 into silver umbrella slightly behind subject & camera left. One SB800 1/128 on background. Shutter speed 1/30 using LensBaby (with a heart shaped aperture) sharpness wasn't a concern. c.

Taken with a lens cover with a heart punched in the middle. Girls are holding a string of lights.

You may be seeing photographers share photos with delicious blur – they very well may have been taken with one of the many Lensbaby lenses. Whether you’ve never heard of these before, just getting started with yours, or looking for more tips on using a Lensbaby, this post is for you!

Plenty of hay rolls around these parts...

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The Little Owl Nest: Favorite Font Friday [week 1]

Get close up. | 37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas OMG @Taryn Landis we have to do this

How to Isolate Your Subject in Lightroom