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Human Predator George Soros exposed! Fox.... I can not believe Fox is being this brave to expose this Evil Man Soros. Watch and see if Bill O Reilly gets fired or killed over this.

The most frightening thing about the recent Wikileaks drop, which included excerpts of Hillary’s paid Wall St. speeches is her excitement over ending the United States as we know it. Hillary is an extreme globalist. She not only embraces the globalist mentality but she actually wants to end the U.S. as we know it and replace it with a “Hemispheric Government.” No wonder Angela Merkel is her “favorite leader.” Hillary wants to turn the United States into Germany – or worse. Hillary said she…

This Senator Just Delivered A Blistering 72-Second ISIS Rant That Scorches obama 9/15/14 National Security Rift widens between obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State

Obama too LAZY to hold his own umbrella like everyone else! But that is just Proof at how he has ALWAYS been given everything for nothing....kind of the way he's doing for all the FREE-LOADERS in America!!!! Obama is SORRY and a LOT of other American's