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  • Katie Reece

    CUTE PRINTABLE (polka-dotty) classroom door signs!!!! Classroom Organization “Where Are We?” - I know this is for teachers, but could be an inspiration for other organization...

  • Kelly Schilhab

    Love this idea! Maybe with some pictures for my little ones. Smiling in Second Grade: Polka Dotted Freebies!!

  • Diane Cadenhead

    Mrs. Freshwaters Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 Where Are We? Love this idea!

  • Nicole Vesta

    CUTE PRINTABLE (polka-dotty) classroom door signs!!!! Mrs. Freshwaters Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 “Where Are We?” If each student had their name on a little velcro spot on their desk they could mark themselves into anyplace in or out of the classroom.

  • Alyssa Dietz

    Where are we? Great idea for the door when going out of the room :)

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