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Methods of Transportation #1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


High speed photography of a water balloon being popped.

In the background there is a big building and in front of it are birds flying around. The contraction of organic and inorganic, their size, and the light control help us put our focus on the bird flying different directions.

on the streets of China, rainy night reflections


maybe just a tad too high... I know these dads I'm married to one of them, and I just love the totally calm look on the baby's face like "ho hum I'm flying again, still fun after the 50th time."

"It's these kind of photos that make me wish I lived in tall apartment building in NYC and in the summertime and I can just sit on my fire escape and stare. <3 I have an unnatural fondness for fire escapes. :) Not only do they potentially save your skin, they add character to a building."

Night at Big City


Balloons. #balloons #partydecor #color #party

new york

Love it!



A red balloon...and a little girl.