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GGG-1417 AR-15 Receiver End Plate & Angular QD Sling Mount AR15


AR-15 SBR (short-barrelled rifle)

THOR TR-15 “Talon” PDW AR-15. I love the compact size! I love SBR's! I know the range is less, but I'm not military and I live in the city! If SHTF and the bad guys are 400-600 yards away, I should probably just leave instead of give up my position anyway!

AK-47 vs. AR-15 Infographic cool custom body armor gear like bulletproof backpacks from Made in USA http://bullet-proof-vest-shop.com

Assault rifles, lets go shooting! AR15

a variety of Specialty Mag Skins for your AR-15/M4 Mags only at #gunskins

Car Mount Holster.

Mako Magazine Well Grip and Magwell Funnel for M16/M4/AR-15

I found this web site, LA Police Gear Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking $15. I just received mine and the quality is excellent! Very well built for $15

Miller Bros. Blades, Sheaths / Mounting

Salient Arms International AR15 rifle in Megatron theme. Photo by Black Wire Studio.

Compact SBR with Mega Arms receivers, AAC 300blk uppers, and KAC rails. The furniture is Magpul, Browe optics with folding mechanism is from Law Tactical. Photo by Stickman.

The inner workings of a Colt .45 1911 handgun. Sweet!

Amazing hex barrel for my AR from Legion Firearms... Lightweight, sweet!

Noveske Rifle

Mega Arms billet receivers with Daniel Defense MK18 rail, Trijicon optic, Magpul furniture, and Rainier Arms Raptor Charging Handle. This upper was custom built by the guys at Rainier Arms. Photo by Stickman.

Remington Modular Sniper Rifle

Remington 870 combat build, Magpul M93 Experimental.

Arrowcards Camping gear

Knives are made for a range of purposes, so whether you’re skinning deer, dicing tomatoes, or defending yourself, selecting the correct knife for the job is essential.