Loopy Fleece Boa

I avoid fleece like the plague because dog hair clings to it so! Of course it would be great for this!

Easy, 15-minute scarf, makes perfect teacher gift - make in school colors!! Costs 3 bucks to make!

Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

Fleece loopy boa

Fleece Boa Scarf

fleece scarf tutorial

Fleece Boa Scarf with Tapered Ends

Fleece boa/scarf

Fleece Hat and Scarf

Steelers fleece boa scarf...need to make this!

Fleece Scarf

How to Make a Fleece Scarf Tutorial


Fleece boa scarf

Fleece scarf

fleece scarf


Plaid Fleece Infinity Scarf

Fleece Flowered Scarf

Baby boa