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How to Make a Cozy Fleece Scarf with Fringes {Cute!} #fleece #scarf

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Team Colors Loopy Boa Fleece Scarf. @Katie Kelley @Kassie Kelley @Sarah Yurga @Debbie Phillips what do you think of these to sell as a fundraiser?

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How to Make a Fleece Scarf - Even I could do this!

Warm and stylish crochet hat and scarf set

This is another easy DIY scarf tutorial that you can make using an old shirt. Cut the shirt into square pieces, and sew together, making a snake-like scarf. Very easy.

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No Sew delicate ruffled scarf out of FLEECE. Add 9cm to width of your favourite scarf, half that measurement cut two panels. Measure 5cm from edge, stick masking tape. Use a ruler and mark 1.5cm intervals on tape, cut fringe using masking tape as a guide. Do both panels. Tie both sides together using the same sort of knots.

Tutorial: No-Sew Braided Edge Double Layer Fleece Scarf

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No-Sew Fleece: Color Block Scarf! => this is pretty simple and brilliant. she also has a similar tutorial for making a semi-patchwork fleece blanket

We've had a very chilly Tuesday, so I thought, "Hmmm, maybe it's not too late to post the scarf tutorial I created...." Considering how often Texas weather changes and considering that maybe you ar...

Loopy Fleece Boa - If instructions seem to be in a foreign language, click on "Download Project PDF" for clear instructions.

The BEST method for fleece tie blankets. I've made dozens and love the way they turn out. The knots come out so much better with this tie method.

How to Make Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern NEW LINK FIXED!! I'll use up some extra fleece and quilt batting for these while topping them with hubby's favorite old plaid flannel shirt.