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knotted fringe on fleece scarf

I have made these with my 5th gradera for years as a fundraiser! I do all the sewing but the kids do the cutting. I use our school colors and they sell like hot cakes! FYI- buying fleece online during majors sales will realize a larger profit margin.

Fleece Boa Scarves - looks like I'm going to try to make one of these following this simple tutorial, so cute! Think it'd be great in my school colors. Plus, I'll have to make at least one in Pink for me and Purple for my daughter. Love this idea.

Team Colors Loopy Boa Fleece Scarf. Katie Kelley Kassie Kelley Sarah Yurga Debbie Phillips what do you think of these to sell as a fundraiser?

DIY Loop scarf... okay, time to go steal a t-shirt my hubby doesn't wear and try this out...

This is a cute no sew scarf. my friend was making one and wanted to show my mother in law what it looked like and this is similar to it

Come Together Kids: Fleece Boa Scarves

Such a great idea to keep kids scarfs on, without making them feel like they are strangling.