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    How to clean hairspray res --iIf you are a woman, and/or you have hair, this post if for you {I think that pretty much covers all of you}! A few weeks ago I got this question from one of my Ask Anna readers and I wanted to share it with all of you. “I am wondering if you have any ideas/suggestions/solutions for getting hair spray off walls, floors etc? I would love to know because it has marked my bathroom walls as my daughter thinks it should be sprayed everywhere!!!” Even if you don’t have a daughter that has taken a fancy to spraying hairspray everywhere I think we can all relate to this problem. When spraying my hair it tends to get everywhere, doors, walls, floors, counter top, sink, curling iron, etc. So what’s the easiest solution? SHAMPOO! Think about it, we use shampoo in the shower to get the hairspray out of our hair so why not use it to get it off of everything else too?! Here’s what you will need Empty spray bottle Shampoo Water Sponge (the Scotch-Brite green & yellow ones are my favorite) Here’s what to do 1. Fill the spray bottle with a mixture of 1/3 shampoo to 2/3 water. Swirl to mix {if you shake it will get too bubbly}. 2. Spray the shampoo mixture on the walls, doors, floors, counter top, curling irons, etc. 3. Let it set for at least a minute or two. 4. Using a sponge scrub the shampoo mixture off. Be careful when scrubbing the walls, don’t use too much pressure because you don’t want to take the paint off the walls! 5. Using a clean cloth dry the walls. 6. After drying the walls, door, etc. run your hand along them, this is what I call the “touch test”. If they still feel a little sticky then repeat the process, they’re might be layers and layers of hair spray that need to be removed. If the walls, doors, etc. feel smooth then you are finished! Note: I want to mention this because I don’t want you to lose the paint on your walls. DO NOT use a Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers are great, but not for this task. You would have to scrub too hard to get the hairspray off the walls and it will end up taking paint off your walls, I learned this the hard way trying to get it off my baseboards. :/ Happy scrubbing!

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    Cleaning ideas

  • Mary Bailey

    How to remove hairspray from bathroom walls and fixtures.... This is so logical it's scary

  • Leslie Lindler

    How to clean hairspray residue: 1/3 shampoo, 2/3 water in a spray bottle

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