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The beauty of nature!: Iberian Lynx  Population: 309 individuals remain in wild  IUCN classification: Critically endangered

The Endangered Members Of The Cat Family; Save Them

Iberian Lynx Cat, Iberian Lynx Kittens,Iberian Lynx cubs,Lynx facts and images. The Iberian lynx is the rarest cat species in the world .


Eurasian lynx, extremely rare in the Netherlands, can occasionally be seen in the deep south ('spill over' from the adjacent Ardennes, Belgium)-nice smile

The Iberian lynx

27 Animaux Extraordinaires au Bord de L'extinction

My daily post of short, snappy facts about endangered species is up over on my website. Today the Iberian lynx takes a bow - which, sadly, he may not be doing for much longer. These very special cats are on the verge of extinction!


15 Animals You Wish You Could Keep As A Pet

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Canadian Lynx


animals-animals-animals: “ Canadian Lynx (by Simon Bolyn) ” Lynx canadensis

European Lynx (Lynx lynx) yawning in winter, Bavarian Forest National Park, Bavaria, Germany

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