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Story Bags - put a few random items in a paper bag, and kids can write creative stories about them!

Story Sticks. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = “Special” Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you’ve got.


Paper Bag Characterization

Paper Bag main character project - put research questions on the outside, put items to represent character on the inside


Tell a Story in a Jar! Activity

Activities: Tell a Story in a Jar!

Very fun idea for the students. This way every student has a chore or responsibility. 8796

each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. IT'S YOUR STORY: Tell It! Journey (Variation on a story quilt)

YouTubefrom YouTube

Pigeon: Impossible

I would use this to introduce how you can make inference when reading a story. Students would make inferences on how the man is acting, why he is acting that way, what they think he is up to, etc.

Here's an easy way for students to practice their spelling words. Have them draw a big scribble on their page - remind them to leave big spaces in their scribble! Using coloured pencils, they can then fill the spaces with their words.sight words

Students write about a time they got hurt (Ouch Stories). Use bandaids as artwork when they publish their stories. Cute!

Scholastic Teachersfrom Scholastic Teachers

Story Starters

I love Scholastic! This site has a Story Starters Teacher's Guide but what I really like is the story starter generator!

. Students create a dictionary entry using their names. The definitions are descriptions of themselves and then students put the class in abc and add guide words to the top.