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susan fitch design: Baptism Kids - great idea about repentance

Baptism Object Lesson-very cute!!

Such a GREAT FHE! Talks about not being of the world and being clean. The kids would love this right now!

Great object lesson-I think I'll do this for mean words too. Each time the kids say mean things to each other you could poke a pin in their picture & when they apologize take the pin out but the holes still there.

Prendi un piatto. Buttalo per terra. Chiedigli scusa. Bene. Adesso è di nuovo intero? No? Adesso capisci.

Comparing the cake to scriptures. You can't taste the cake by staring at it, just like you can't taste the goodness of the scriptures by not opening them. Great analogy for kids.

Charity / Judging / Kindness / Understanding / Vision. Put yourself in their shoes!

Free LDS Object Lessons LDS Object Lesson Browse through our 300+ LDS Object Lessons sorted by gospel topic, by keyword, as a table, by title, or run a custom search.

An Object Lesson for kids on Honesty. -Not only do I love the lesson itself, but I also love the idea of having a 'lesson night' during the week to talk about important things and have some learning family time! definitely doing this!!

LDS, New Curriculum : The Atonement: for Saints & Sinners, an object lesson that goes along the the lesson "How can the Atonement help me with my trials"

Temple Marriage Cupcakes - Explain that the iced cupcake (Styrofoam) may look like the best choice like in a guy active, good looking, etc. Explain without icing the standards is the base (cupcake). Explain its ok to look for both in a future spouse.

Lego object lesson about the importance of the scriptures