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Variant dry fly patterns

Another variant dry fly pattern

Gypsy King Dry Fly - The Best Stonefly Dry Fly Pattern for Trout - Great Hopper Pattern too!

Wulff dry fly pattern

Dry fly fishing with this innovative pattern will draw strikes over and over. Ant

Beautiful Quill Gordon Variant pattern!

» Hendrickson Dry Fly Pattern - Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Information Resource

Hex Wulff dry fly patterns

FlyTyingForum.com - Dry Chiro

Beetles are abundant just about anywhere you find trout. Trout regularly feed on Beetles from mid Spring through late Fall. This is a durable dry terrestrial pattern with an easy, for the angler, to see wing.


One of my old standby dry fly patterns the Hairwing Royal Coachman

dry flies

School fly

French Fishing Flies: Patterns and Recipes for Fly Tying at http://suliaszone.com/french-fishing-flies-patterns-and-recipes-for-fly-tying/

May fly

Flying Ant Pattern

Sea Trout Patttern. For more info on fly reels and fly fishing check out www.theflyreelguide.com Don't forget to support and check out the publisher/Pinners of this photo.thx

Harvey Dry Fly Knot - This one is for all my fly fishing friends. This is a great knot for dry flies with a down turned eye. Offers great dry fly presentation.

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One of my first fly tying books, now I keep my own patterns in a little book, every fly that I have tied I have recorded in my book, adding in details of new materials, weather it suits best etc...