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Just the thought of being around a horde of drunk people dancing makes you cringe. | 24 Things Only People Who Hate Going Out Will Understand

Words of wisdom from Snookie> I actually like this hahaha. I should start putting "pale" for mine ;)

Snooki - to quote my boyfriend after forcing him to watch Season 1 "I don't know why, I just want her to be happy"

one tiny not sure why i laughed so hard..

When your computer crashes after hours and hours of painstaking work and you realize you never saved the essay you were slaving over. | 10 College Fails That Every Student Can Relate To

Cory Nieves is a 9-year-old cookie mogul from Englewood, N.J. | This Incredibly Well-Dressed 9-Year-Old Has A Cookie Company That Just Went Viral On Instagram

Who Were You In A Past Life? You got: A Poet You have a certain way with words, so of course it makes sense that you spent your past life writing epics alongside good pals like Shakespeare. You have a true appreciation for the beauty in the world and wrote your way into the hearts of many. Once upon a time, you were a fantastic writer, and you still have those talents to this day.

When it comes to dating, ask yourself: what would Kelly Kapowski do? (Hint, it involves a lot of hair flipping.)

Thorin and his horse having a hair flipping contest. Hahahahahahaha. This is hilarious!. Richard Armitage did say this would happen :P