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Original Sensi catalogue image of Maple Leaf Indica. This old-time 'Afghanica' originates in the Hindu Kush mountain range and has perhaps the sweetest flavour of any Indica in our collection. This close-up shows a top bud which is a more than halfway through the flowering cycle and displays MLI's superb resin production!

Shiva Shanti 2 - a multiple hybrid of original Afghani strains from the Hindu Kush mountains, mixed with the ever reliable Skunk #1. One of Sensi's most affordable strains, yet still potent and productive enough to please any grower!

Official Sensi catalogue image of Four Way. This is a truly old-school hybrid, one of the first successful attempts to create a reliable multiple hybrid. By combining stable Indica cultivars from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan with the vigour and high-octane punch of Skunk #1, this remarkably potent hybrid was created, and has remained unchanged for around 25 years!

Big Bud – Sensi Seed Ban Indoor growers looking for dependability should search no further than cannabis-genetics geniuses and HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Famers Sensi Seeds and their stalwart strain, Big Bud. Originating in the US and brought to Holland in the 1980s,this low-odor production strain has been satisfying cash croppers for years with its invariably steady performance.

Super Silver Haze - Green House Seeds A pedigree strain with plentry of awards under its belt, Super Silver Haze from Green House Seeds changed the face of Dutch ganja genetics in the late '90s and continues to garner praise and win awards years later. A perfect blend of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, the SSH reminds smokers of the best of coffeeshop Haze hybrids. The odor is spicy and dry, and the strain tastes floral, musky and sweet all at the same time.

Original Sensi catalogue image of the Durban seed strain, showing her fine bud formation. Durban is a tough, highly potent Sativa which originates in South Africa and is sometimes to referred to by locals as 'Durban Poison'. Sensi Seeds' Durban has been bred to grow well outdoors in the northern climate.

Marley's Collie - a superb blend of Jamaican Sativa and super-sweet Afghan hash-plant!

Official catalogue image of First Lady, the third and most recent pure Afghan strain from Sensi Seeds. First Lady has been created from several closely related 'Afghanica' strains originating in the Hindu Kush. Her high pedigree genetic background makes First Lady uniform, thick-budding and hugely potent!

Critical +, una de las plantas con mas éxito entre los cultivadores de exterior e interior, al principio decían que era una moda pero con los años se ha consolidado como una de las mas apreciadas por todo tipo de cultivadores, con una base skunk que hace que sea muy aromatica, con mucha resina, flores grandes y compactas, muy fácil de manicurar y de floración rapida, y productiva. De entre todas las Critical la de Dinafem destaca por su garantia.