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  • Tan H.

    so true!! #quotes

  • Kat Humphries

    1) Reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ 2) Cleansing from sin, forgiveness, because Jesus died on the cross to pay the price we cannot pay 3) Promise of heaven 4) Power of prayer 5) God's written word, the Bible 6) The Holy Spirit's illumination, inspiration, conviction, gifts 7) The sanctification process 8) Divine grace, mercy, hope, love, peace 9) Healing and comfort at His hand I believe all of these are available to all who trust in Jesus matter what our circumstances. (The only exception? Some don't have Bibles.) And then all the rest of those things that God gives out to some of us in different degrees, quantities depending on His plan for us.

  • Sally Myers

    remember this even on your bad days. it will make life a little brighter!

  • allyson mcg

    true story

  • The Secret Society of Sock Monkeys

    Fruit for thought – quotes from Fruit of the Loom

  • Emily Rogers

    Oh so true. Always are the great things in our life. And the truly great things are not fleeting.

  • Aly Haebig

    A motto I try and live my life by.

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You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner. So relax, breathe, and be patient.

worth quoting..."Somedays we could tightrope across Manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth. This is Normal. This is Natural."

my life living, traveling and adventuring makes me so much better at what I do! :-)

Saving people is a really hard task - it won't always work. But what you can do is love them, make them feel special and let them know there's someone who cares about them and that their life is worth living.

It's not what you have in your pocket that makes you #thankful....#gratitude

being nice to someone you dislike doesn't mean you're a fake. it means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.

even those annoying popular kids. even those smart honors kids. even your teachers. even the strangers you see on a daily basis. it's not just us, it's everyone.

I'm realizing this is true the older I get. Even people you don't like have a story and personal battles you probably know nothing about. It requires less energy to show compassion than to hate.

POWERFUL BLOG: You don't need to have it all figured out to move forward.

very little is needed to make a happy life.

So need to start doing this more often. It is definitely a MUST! Tired of letting myself be a pushover.