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  • sKYDiva

    These “Organic Brands Back Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling.” And here’s a list of brands we love that’ve been bought up and sold out and are directly funding the GMOers. #GMO, #Prop37

  • Reilly Beier

    GMOs Your Right To Know -- Check out which "natural" brands you’ve come to trust are owned by huge corporations that want nothing to do with GMO labeling. I'll proudly keep purchasing Dr. Bronner's and Nature's Path, but I will be more reluctant to buy Izze and Naked products now. #better health naturally #health tips #better health solutions #organic health #healthy eating

  • Kate Siebert

    Most corn is Monsanto corn and they have it genetically engineered so when bugs eat it, their stomachs explode! They say there are no long term effects in humans (this has been proven untrue) We wonder why health problems are on the rise. Corn & other non-organic fruits, veggies & meats have been genetically engineered since the mid-90s without the American public knowing. It's the largest experiment on a group of unknowing people ever. Stand up & say NO! Europe wouldn't allow it, why should we?

  • Lundberg Family Farms

    Many natural food companies are owned by large corporations who oppose Prop 37. Know the organic leaders who need your support in the fight for GMO labeling!

  • Lida Lewis

    beware: knowing that there is a shift in the consumer market towards natural, organic foods, many corporations have deceptively labeled their packaging to trick consumers into buying their Genetically Engineered “natural” product.

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  • Ruth Mettler

    I'm sad that Morningstar is on here. And it's strange that Monsanto owns Pepsi and Coke.

  • Tori Hulse Beard

    Dang. There are several companies on tis list that I buy their products frequently. I have to say to the last comment...why should pepsi and coke be a surprise? They are billion dollar companies, that are also global. Why wouldn't monsanto put their fingers in?!

When does one plus one not equal two? When mounting evidence says glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide, does more damage to our health and environment than we thought.  And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) responds by approving higher, not lower, allowable limits of the pesticide residue.

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