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13 Cepages Poster (13 Grapes)


Poorly written, but a good guide. We both LOVE Hefeweizen. German is best, American craft is pretty good too.

Ever wonder how you are suppose to smell vanilla, or cherry, or apricots in wine when it comes from grapes? Here is an explanation of wine aromas

13" x 19" Poster Compare the different colors of wine with this unique chart. From light bodied red wines to well aged white wines, this po...

Famous Wine Blends of the World http://shop.winefolly.com/products/wine-blends

The Wine Grape Family Vine from Vine Pair. I discovered this while reading Franklin Liquors wine blog. A great way to explore a wine's family "tree."

Color Of Wine. This chart has some interesting info on the color of wine. Something else to note that this chart doesn't mention though, is that white wine will also gain color from being oak aged.

It is vital to know a little something about these 8 grape varieties - here's a guide to help!

[Map] "Champagne Map (France)" Nov-2012 by Winefolly.com - Carte du Champagne (carte des 5 régions produisant du Champagne)

Burgundy Regional Wine Map

Wine education

Wine in South America is older than you think. South America has actually been making wine since the 1500′s. Back then, the wine was crap. Franciscan Monks planted Mission grapes

Do you know what wines are blended to make a GSM Rhone red wine, Chateauneuf du Pape or Chianti?

Wine Around the World Poster

Anatomy of a grape, showing the components extracted from each pressing.

Wine Facts - White Wine Grapes

Aroma Characteristics #Wine From Some Main Grape Varieties

Wine Math: How Many Grapes in a Glass of Wine? | Vivino

Wine smoothie: 1 glass white wine blended with a bag of frozen berries. Game. On.