Instead of using whole apples for caramel/chocolate apples, use slices.

UM pretty sure this is the best idea. EVER.

Dipped apple slices, not an entire apple - much easier to eat!

chocolate dipped frozen bananas #recipe

Apple Pie Fries


Indoor s'mores...

AHA! When serving a crowd, cut a circle in the center (place a small bowl on the cake and trace around it). Then cut the outer ring into slices. You'll have nice square pieces that fit on a plate, instead of long wedges that drop off the edge. You can cut the small round middle into pieces too!

Swedish Braided Apple Bread, made different versions....... Sweet or savory. Very nice for a party, gathering

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips Recipe

High Hat Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes Recipe... I dare you to attempt these LOL!

Chocolate Crack - peanut butter, caramel & potato chips! Wow! Sweet and salty.

Sliced Baked Potatoes with Herbs and Cheese

You can make these for any holiday :) Caramel and White Chocolate Flavored Pretzel Rods. Click for the recipe.

Taco Bell Caramel Empanada Copycat Recipe. So yummy! And best of all, it's baked! No messy frying! #caramel #apple #recipe

Candy Apple Recipe Ideas - a delicious collection of candy apple recipes that would make great treats for Halloween.

My favorite treat on the planet. I would give up so many things if I could eat these every day and not be as big as a house.

strawberry-watermelon lemonade sounds yummy for summer

Secret piñata cake.