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Metering: A Photography Tutorial - I definitely need to read this as metering is something I have yet to wrap my head around

Metering: A Photography Tutorial (Part Two) this blog has lots of other good photography tutorials and helpful hints


When taking photos of precious moments with your children, look for opportunities to capture little things like this. Sometimes body language is just as cute as a headshot.

How precious... It is so sad that some people spend so much time wishing and hoping (and doing everything possible to ensure) for a baby of a certain sex. You know you are ready and mature enough for a baby when the sex is irrelevant and you are in love with the idea of having a child, any child, and not of a specific gender. The poor child of the mother who doesn't get what she "hoped" for.

Baby & Maternity | Natural Light Baby Portraits | Natural Light Maternity Portrait | Beautiful portrait of Mother and child playing together

Seeing the Light | the creative mama Understanding light in photography is so important, powerful and…essential (when going beyond point and shoot photography)! The lighting in a scene can easily (and often will) make or break a photograph.

and i thought i was the only person who did this. looks like there's other people out there with a baby foot fetish...

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: Photography: Jill Thomas