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  • Jamie Schafer

    15 lessons learned from miscarriage - these are so true... I know so many people who have had miscarriages

  • Samantha Linton

    15 lessons learned from miscarriage - overall great life lessons

  • Autumn Lapke

    15 lessons learned from having a miscarriage , it helps to know what you feel and went through afterwards is ok . My life and relationships were torn apart afterwards but realizing you can loose something you love in the blink of an eye brought it all back together . Reading this brought me peace 💝

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but you're always changing and growing too. there are few that know, the deep pieces of me who make me you i am. but not around anymore.

I love this song by Watermark. It says the words that I could not always find the strength for. Miss you my little one! Let Sweet Jesus hold you!

You'd be 8months old little bubbi, but I believe your spirit lives on through our new bundle of joy on the way ♥

Miscarriage: One woman's journey through loss.

Very true words. But even I the broken, God is a God who restores. It may not be when you want it, you may have to wait, but I believe God answers the prayers of his faithful within his perfect timing

Miscarriage..a terribly difficult event to overcome. For some, it can be recurrent. The woman who originally posted this picture had several. She posted this quote with the picture: "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it" --Helen Keller

My friend bought me this book when I lost my baby. I have bought it for every woman I've known since who has had a miscarriage.

This can fit so many scenarios: miscarriage, losing a child, a child leaving...Good to remember how people feel in these situations, like part of them is gone too.