Projecteo - a tiny projector for your Instagrams!

Tiny Instagram projector!


The new Glow headphones lets you sync with your smartphone and track your heart rate. Plus they glow with the light from a laser!

Smartphone Projector // Portable Video Projector $27

SEIL backpack by Lee Myung Su uses LED lights to display traffic signals. Simply by controlling the detachable wireless controller, the user can show directional and emergency signals on the back of the backpack.

Abandoned pens and other such stationery stand a chance at purposeful usage, thanks to the Pen Printer. The device uses the ink from discarded pens to print on paper.

Lumigrids is an LED projector for bicycles that hopes to improve safety during night riding. It projects square grids onto the ground and by observing changes in the grids, the rider can easily comprehend the landforms ahead. Lumigrids can be fixed onto the bicycle’s handlebars and the power is supplied by either an internal battery or by the rotation of the bicycle’s wheels.

Spy Glasses Camera - takes photos and record videos

This smart thermometer not only takes your temperature - but also gives you diagnosis advice. #parenting #technology

Avengers USB sticks

This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall #android #projector #gadgets

Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector (gadgets, ideas, inventions, cool, fun, amazing, new, interesting, product, design, clever, practical, useful, tech, technology, electronic, gizmo, phone, smartphone)

HDMI Pocket Projector // For projecting anything from slideshows to movies.

Small portable HDMI Projector for movies, videos, presentations, and games.

Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector .I never leave home without it. Computer, tablet, some phones, portable dvd player + all can be used with 64" hdmi projection yet no bigger than a cell phone

Iphone projector!

The iPad Pocket Projector - Hammacher Schlemmer

Very cool. New Polaroid camera design based upon Instagram icon.

Glasses mini microfiber cleaning clip