Lemon Tree Cupcakes

How to make a chocolate tree cupcake topper

Cutest "Garden Party" cupcakes

Amazing Apple Cake! Apple pound cake covered in cinnamon frosting and decorated with an adorable tree made from chocolate cereal, crispy treats and popcorn!

How to make edible trees

Tree cake

Tulip tutorial for cupcakes. Site has translate button.---this is a really cute cupcake and an easy looking technique. I wonder if it would translate to whole cakes...

Wooden Pie Box Carrier - anthropologie.com... maybe a version with a lid on top with ledges of various depths to nest the trays on...

Cute cupcake tutorial - mini bbq grill tops. Steaks and hamburgers made with candy melts and kabobs with gummy bears. how adorable!

Spring Flowers


edible typography tutorial. cool~

Dragonfly Cupcakes.

Tutorial Cupcake's topper


edible octopi cupcake toppers...

Hmmm if i get cupcake decorating tips for Christmas we're celebrating birthdays at work next week! gorgeous winter cupcakes: tint frosting a light blue + draw snowflakes on wax or parchment paper, harden them in the fridge, then use them to decorate the cupcakes!

Flower cupcakes

Mini Cymbidium Orchid Cupcake Toppers.

Try your hand at painting cakes and cupcakes - it's easy!