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  • Angela Fileccia

    rug for baby girls room

  • Adair Barecich

    a good way to make a room look very expensive, classic, and eclectic. Pretty decent price at ikea!

  • Kelsey Zahn

    KOLDBY Cowhide - sad but true, I love a good cowhide rug in a modern chic non cowboy kind of way. #Rug #Home #Decor #Style #Trend #Cowhide

  • Natalie Clark

    Living Room Furniture - Sofas, Coffee Tables & Inspiration - IKEA

  • Hannah Rees

    Living Room Rugs & Sheepskins - IKEA $299

  • Aaron Cornaby

    2 cow hides in mostly browns and cream tones....from ikea

  • Robbie

    IKEA Cowhide Rug

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KOLDBY Cowhide $199.00 Max. area: 48.44 sq feet, Min. area: 34.44 sq feet Max. area: 4.50 m², Min. area: 3.20 m²

STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven - IKEA $199.99 OK, maybe someday we can afford this. All natural fibers, wool with cotton underlay. Reversible (same pattern on both sides). Easy to clean. Would be perfect for the play area in the living room.

LUDDE Sheepskin - IKEA $69. Would be great thrown over chaise end of sectional. with a similar colour throw blanket on the other side of the sectional

how I would like to design, when my salary is 10 times more than it is now

I hate the idea of using cowhide, but I have to say that this one is pretty amazing

RENS Sheepskin - IKEA add this to sofa to add warmth without color and texture without pattern says Oprah

Via IKEA | Ludde Sheepskins: i will say that I genuinely feel bad about this one, however these days, i don't believe that would be enough to keep me from wanting these !

This would be neat in the corner with the love seat or two chairs. ;-) Edelman Leather - Hair-on Cowhide Rugs: Cavallini Rugs

Gray/Blue rug to go with the printed couch and two chairs from Target. $199

MORUM Rug, flatwoven - 5 ' 3 "x7 ' 7 " - IKEA (the cheapest decent one I could find... open to other suggestions!)

I just love these sheepskin rugs. They work pretty much anywhere (even as a throw on furniture!), and at $40, the price is right. =)