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House GOP changed rules before shutdown to prevent Senate bill from easily returning to House floor ~ Kudos to Chris Van Hollen for pointing this out. Apparently, the GOP thinks it can change the rules midstream to its own favor and not get caught. Too bad, they've been caught.

Truly hard to believe anyone with any measure of intelligence would vote for The GOP/Tea Party Klan.

Vote this Nov 4th 2014 and give President Obama a house and senate he can work with to end republican tax breaks for sending jobs overseas. We need jobs here, not in China.

It is more cost effective to end #homelessness & provide #housing

House of representatives cut Embassy funding three years running 2010, 2011 and 2012 for a total cut of just less then half a billion dollars. This while violent attacks were escalating at our Embassies. Where is the outrage????? Of course, there must be a Democratic cover-up, a conspiracy to hide what the Republican congress has been doing!!!!


House Republicans announce how many days they'll work next year (hint: not very many)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

If you can't get certified then start your own certification board. If you can't get people to vote for you, don't let people vote. Consistent with the Republican Strategy: If you can't win the argument on merit, change the rules & rig the game.

Sure has changed.

GOP spin, again.


Republican states refuse to expand Medicaid to the sick & poor. THIS IS OLD & HAS CHANGED A LITTLE, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!! The Real Death Panel is the @GOP! #GOPHatesPoorPeople

Give it to God, especially if you want nothing to change.

The GOP/Tea Party Agenda

The GOP War on Women

GOP Outrage Meter

GOP: Obstruction...at any cost

JamesHansen: Why I must speak out about climate change

Why so much climate change denial in Congress? Follow the Money.