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Kathleen • 1 year ago

House GOP changed rules before shutdown to prevent Senate bill from easily returning to House floor ~ Kudos to Chris Van Hollen for pointing this out. Apparently, the GOP thinks it can change the rules midstream to its own favor and not get caught. Too bad, they've been caught.

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GOP War on Women

  • Angela K

    Dear I am not going off but I'm even guilty of posting things before I have thought it through and I've removed post when I've been called out if I feel I did not really think it through as to what I have posted.

  • Angela K

    I am conservative, but I do like to research and read and look at others opinions, it's like Oprah when she made the statement on BET that all old white people should die to eradicate some form of racism. That was very wrong for her to say and really quiet racist. In the same retrospect she was try to prove a point by making a racist statement herself.

  • Cheryl Siggelow

    I know what you mean. I registered as a democrat but never hesitated crossing party lines when I felt the opposite party had better ideas. I find myself doing this so much less often now. I don't know where you reside, but the area I'm in OH/PA is still trying to recover from the recession prior to the last one. The 3 largest employers in my county are local hospital, large insurance call center, & government.

  • Angela K

    I'm actually un affiliated with either party, I try to research each one individually regardless of party. I try to put it into perspective of hiring someone to run my household if I were absent, are they honest, will they squander money, will they protect the borders of my home and family without crazy risk at my expense or families life do they cherish the same values? That's how I look at it. Because I feel like America is my family and each of us should be respected and protected.

  • Cheryl Siggelow

    I understand how you feel. My biggest problem right now with politics is how we continue to subsidize corporations while many of them are making record profits, yet at the same time, we cut tax credits for poor working families, as well as cut funding for women's health. These organizations provide so many more services than abortion. That's a debate for another day though.

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The GOP War on Women

GOP war on women; Texas