• Desiree

    gop plot. don't be fooled.

  • Paula P

    no accident

  • Elles Bells

    Their plan from day One! We must vote these anarchists out! #GOP #REPUBLICANS #SHUTDOWN

  • Jackie Simpson

    Lets tax this church, no preaching from the pulpit... AGAINST THE LAW... Ohhh not a church... so sorry LOL Just saw the FAITH title and ran with it...

  • DirtyHippieMama
    • 1 year ago

    The part about daddy can't go to the VA made me see red. Those sorry GOO bastards, they deserve to be drug into the street and beaten with a rusty bicycle chain.

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#quote "When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable of our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up, and that we showed up on time." - Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission President and CEO

Activists need to be aware that leaders support this way of thinking and stop it. Is this message really "for the people" or supporting his agendas and personal belief systems? Dangerous thinking!

The majority of The West should take note of this man - doing the job for the good of the people in the country who don't have a voice, that's what government should be!

President Obama, one of the first presidents in years to actually be on the side of the working man. Vote in 2014 and give him a congress he can work with.

Here's what our "failed" President has done while he's held the office. And had to fight the regressive republicans every inch of the way !!!

Research how party line politics has been gridlocking congress...then vote for democrats to get past this and MOVE forward to a country we can all be proud to call home.

Scotland had more than a 90% voter turnout this week. Please vote for the candidate of your choice. Over 90% of incumbents get re-elected, despite their poor performance. We can change that in November.

For those who may have forgotten, this was the GOP Platform put forth in August 2012. And for those who may not have heard, President Obama was re-elected and the GOP is STILL pushing this EXACT GOP Platform in 2013. They don't remember they lost...we need to keep reminding them as they continue to re-district their states in an attempt to take our votes away.

These people, the majority appointed by Republican Presidents: *Struck down DOMA *Struck down Prop - 8 *Allowed DNA seizure (w/o being charged) *Gutted the Voting Rights Act *Allowed "strip searches" for traffic violations. | So why exactly are Republicans accusing these people of destroying our American way of life?

A Past Vice President Tried To Warn Us About This A Long, Long Time Ago