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The Fox by Ylvis - Collection of sounds from the music video. What does the fox say?

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Okay. Here we go. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but foxes BARK and SQUEAL. They do not sound like ringing bells or whatever else is in that video. It's sad that we are having the youth of today believe such things, and poisoning their minds with unnecessary ridiculous songs. Funny the first time, but it's time to let it go!

For those of you that have never heard of this: watch it now! It's so funny! Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD]

What does the fox say. Ring ding ding dering ding ding ding ding! heheh that is funny but seriously why did he have to make a song. was he trying to make the worst song on earth, because that is how I feel. Omg! What was it for? # wierded out

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Life Before and After Cellphones [COMIC]

Before and After cell phones. I used to use 1-800-collect after basketball games. My name was "gameisovercomepickmeup."

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Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week

!!!!!!!! Probably the story of my "test life" (yes I realize that sounds retarded)



Funny. I hate it when I'm singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong. I so totally do this all the time.