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The Fox by Ylvis - Collection of sounds from the music video. What does the fox say?

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glad the fox cleared that up!!

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Life Before and After Cellphones [COMIC]

Before and After cell phones. I used to use 1-800-collect after basketball games. My name was "gameisovercomepickmeup."

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Damn Spiderman can dance!

He will dance to whatever song you put on. Haha I seriously could not stop laughing!

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: 1. Click on this picture where it goes to the GIF 2. Shuffle your iPod while watching him 3. Laugh for fifteen hours straight and burn lots of calories while doing it! Haha I almost peed on myself!

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For those of you that have never heard of this: watch it now! It's so funny! Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD]


#57: Literally

I literally laughed when I read this. Then died. Literally.

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Totally got me!

Totally got me. Woah