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Sitting down with a nurse comforts moms of preemies

Boobies LOL i love the baby boobies shirts it reminds me of how i was able to breast feed both my babies!

Baby Bib.

So cute: Write current info and likes on a blackboard each birthday and take pictures with your child

Mother-Daughter Bucket List items... things to start doing immediately (proud to say we've already done a few!)

For the child I will never have

Ok, I love this! As a stay at home Mom, I get looks when I tell people what I do. Like it isn't a "real" job. Huh....yes well, my job is 24/7 365 days a, yes, I have a job! ;-) n I love it!!! My child is my life n I wouldn't want to spend my time on anything other than her!//////// love it!

Rockabye BABY... LOL @Taryn H Maggot

my baby will need one for pretty much every sport .. might customize with specific teams

oh yeah so getting this for baby#2, since of course it would be breastfed. #lovely kid #baby girl #Cute Baby #baby boy #cute kid

My Dad Shoots Better than Your Dad

Lol! For Norie



so cute!

I love this! I typically don't post baby stuff 'cuz it makes me sad... but this is too good to pass up.

acute onesie by geeklingdesigns