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    selflessness and bravery aren't all that different in the swirly script behind the shoulder (see older pin)

    It's time

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    Being able to trust is key

    It's impossible to remain angry or blame other people for problems in your life when you are saying , "I am responsible. - @mobile9 | #inspiring #quotes #life

    Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel. - quotes and motivational words and sayings | Inspirational Quotations and Motivational Sayings and Words

    marilyn monroe quote "things happen for a reason" free printable

    List of the Top 20 Motivational Quotes

    "laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live'' ~ ralph waldo emerson

    you act like it's you against the world but it's really just you against yourself #quote

    Makes sense. The uncomfortable days shows if we act or react.


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    How true this poster is. I didn't know that life was teaching me a lesson. I had a perfectionist problem, each time I fell short of perfection, I was ruthless with my own self criticism. Then life delivered my panic attacks and depression, which I am now grateful for. I learned my lesson, now I only need minor hints to learn a lesson. I love learning, I love life. cheers Paul Ianni

    Overcoming Rejection (Killing Insecurity Series). We will all face some rejection in life. Jesus faced tremendous rejection. Learning to handle it well is crucial to maintaining joy. Read more here. #blogs #encouragement

    Its a hard decision- To give up my ED. I am terrified of living without it....I don't remember what it's like to have a normal and healthy relationship with food and emotions in general. But I know I have to let go of this fear....because recovery WILL set me free from this hell I have drown myself in.

    "I’m stronger because I had to be. I’m smarter because of my mistakes. I’m happier because I’ve overcome the sadness I have known and I’m wiser because I’ve learned from my life."

    let go of fear

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