The Giving Tree Sticky Note Set ($11): While you won’t be able to tell how many notes you have left by counting the rings, you’ll be able to tell as your tree stump slowly gets shorter.

Mini tv memo stickies

Balding Post-it Notes

silicone leaf plates - for all the times I grab a paper towel for a piece of toast or other snack where a real plate isn't necessarily warranted

Ⓑ Gris 12 pencil package, designed by Kevin Angeloni, from Switzerland #Pencil #packaging #design #inspiration PD

Tea Leaf Infuser // so sweet! #product_design

Hinoki Memo Cube

// Designed by Designers Anonymous //

Leaf Shaped Sticky Memo Notes

Sticky Note Dispenser - Pink

Workspace Bunny #anthropologie #anthrofave - his little ears are scissors!

Pineapple sticky notes

Smart and simple sweeper #product #design

Staring philosophically into the bottom of your glass is one thing... this takes it to a whole new level.

I didn’t think he meant sticky notes. ‘Monde Riant’ is an artful sticky note made by designers Catherine Denoyelle and Assia Quetin for Pa Design. It’s inspired by the minimalist and abstract works of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Just like the real-life artworks, ‘Monde Riant’ is composed has some factors to consider when it's time to put together the baby shower menu.

Save space & time!

Chaplains International Festival: Prize For Best Short Film. Packaging design by Mucho

Tea set by Esther Horchner.

Sticky Notes - Happy - This pre-punched page includes sticky notes that have been designed to fit perfectly in the daily columns of your week view in The Happy Planner™. Need to move things around? No problem. You can use these removable sticky notes to rearrange your schedule at any time. Each package includes 1 pre-punched page that contains 11 different sticky note pads.

Tracing Sticky Note - grd format