{DIY} coffee filter snowflakes

snowflakes made from coffee filters.

fold the paper into a triangle a few times and cut out part of the shape in the pic

It Works For Bobbi!: Best and EASIEST Paper Snowflakes EVER!

snowflake 4

Easy Craft Stick Snowflakes - for the grandparents? Made these cute snowflakes with E in just a few minutes.

snowflakes patterns

Paper snowflake patterns

Diy: Snowflake Ballerinas

Make snowflakes out of cupcake cups

Coffee Filter Wreath - 18"

The Quilt Rat- making amazing snowflake designs to turn into applique

{Pipe-Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments} Fun.

FREE printables for Snippy, the Shapely Snowflake Snowman. The hatband has the traceable shape word on it.

Good idea...in garden to keep birds away. DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs


Coffee creamer bottles made into snowmen. Fill with candy. Would also be cute with money

Coffee filter butterflies! My preschool kids loved these. They can also be made with clothes pins for the body. Take a coffee filter and have kids color them with washable markers. Then let them mist the coffee filter with water from a spray bottle. Let it dry, and have them pinched into a butterfly shape with pipe cleaners or clothes pins.

DIY Winter Mobile diy how to tutorial

How to Cut and Fold Awesome Paper Snowflakes - Frugal Fun For Boys

DIY Christmas Decorations – Paper snowflakes! Would do them in blue and white!