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Angel Food Bakery | Message Donuts: exclusively at Angel Food, ANY message you want. Just call a day ahead...

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bday idea

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ok im sorry but why is everyone doing the Pinterest: Bxndbxjja bc sometimes it fets annoying tbh. sorrrrry

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Shoes Off Pleasefrom Shoes Off Please

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donut bar ...

The Pinning Mamafrom The Pinning Mama

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DIY Donut Cake for a Donut Themed Birthday Party! This how to makes it so easy!

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birthday cake in a jar

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Homer cake - too cute. Or a doughnut cake if you don't like the Simpsons. Just remove Homer and beer cans.


Fruit Cake (Fresh Fruit in the Shape of a Cake)




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Birthday cake made of fruit

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What? A sprinkles wedding cake?


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15864044 Chocolate

Yummo C

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Image via We Heart It #chocolate #donuts #food #paradise #perfect #tumblr

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Baked doughnuts {finally a baked version} They only have 1 T. butter for a batch of (15) glazed donuts! I've been craving donuts

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3-Minute Donut Bites...easy and addicting!

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Awesome cake! I'm thinking this could be a 'School's Out', 'Baby's 1st Birthday', or even a teen/preteen birthday party idea or theme.

Van Eetpapier

Prinsessenfeestje Maud



Finger Food


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Leuke traktatie voor kleine kinderen. Soepstengel met glazuur en een maantje of sterretje van eetpapier.

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Tons and tons of birthday, holiday, and shower themes (so many that you could spend days on this site...LITERALLY!!!)