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Interesting - The 7 bank accounts every family should have. Yes, seven! It will help you budget, organize your life, and save your family HUNDREDS. This was literally an "aha" moment for me and my family finances have never been the same since. It's SO SIMPLE too.

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25 Tutorials To Teach You To Fold Things Like An Actual Adult

A great tip on how to fold A Fitted Sheet

Making House a Home. Realistic cleaning schedule for people who can't devote all day every day to doing a different set of chores.

from A Cultivated Nest

How to Make A Budget Binder

How to make a budget binder - This is a simple manageable system to get your finances organized in one place to make budgeting easier. Very easy to customize your own household budget notebook with free budget printables!

simple life hacks 14 Top 20 Life Hacks that Actually Work

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How We Paid Off $22,047 in Less than 9 Months

The story of how one family paid off over $20k ($22,047.93 to be exact!) in less than 9 months on one income, plus 9 crazy things they did to be debt free. #debtfree #frugalliving

Best Emergency Notebook I've seen with printables so you can make your own for your family! The military teaches you how to do this. It's called "my life in a box" for emergencies.

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Whatever, I'm late anyway wood clock

my life...someone buy me this