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  • Hayley Young

    'Migrant Mother' 1936 Dorothea Lange. Classic photo depicting the struggles of the Great Depression... One of the greatest pictures ever taken.

  • HomeRun

    Expand your mind with MCA Denver's More American Photographs exhibit, inspired by Roosevelt's photography program enacted during the Great Depression. Start hydrating, because your creative juices are about to flow! #dorothealange #migrantmother #greatdepression #art #photography #denver #roosevelt #photo #blackandwhite

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We might have forgotten, if a handful of amazing photographers had not captured the Great Depression seizing America from 1929 to 1939.

After Granpa's death, Granma essentially went crazy. This pin depicts the distress that she felt after her husband died. In pages 209-211 Granma yells at Granpa as if he were still alive.

America's Great Depression of 1930s

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Faces of the Great Depression, USA 1930s.

A photo by Gordon Parks. This picture was inspired Grant Wood's American Gothic.

Didn't mention that you have to pay taxes on it (deductions on payments), and Medicare is deducted ☼ Social Security ad.

Depression Era - 1935 to 1939 by alanoftulsa, via Flickr. This is what poverty used to look like

. 1930s vintage fairy Found image. Taken by Dorondo Mills Studios of Birmigham, Liverpool, Waterloo and Blackpool.