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4 of the best Super Bowl ads that feature moms and dads in positive ways. Yay for great marketers!

Happy Mother's Day to cool moms everywhere!

The kids-only plane. Hilarious! | via How to be a Dad

Letting kids get silly in CVS: How to survive shopping trips as parents.

#fashionbymayhem: Modeling Oscars dresses she helped make herself!

First world problems "pills" help you with your faux ailments...but really raise profits for AIDS medication. Love this so much.

The White House avatar on June 26. #LoveWins

I'm A Grown Ass Lady And I Do What I Want tote bag from Emily McDowell. You don't even have to be a mom, ha.

past and future /

Our wish for parents everywhere. Assume a lot of you can relate?

Happy 2013 to parents everywhere!

Sorry, no specials today. (via @huffpost parents)

Kill Them With Kindness / sugarboo designs

so true...

When you want success as bad as you want your next breathe of air, you will succeed.

How precious!

Guide To Fall TV

So true

so sweet..

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) - Loving but irresponsible dad Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), estranged from his exasperated spouse (Sally Field), is crushed by a court order allowing only weekly visits with his kids. When Daniel learns his ex needs a housekeeper, he gets the job -- disguised as an English nanny. Soon he becomes not only his children's best pal but the kind of parent he should have been from the start. Not surprisingly, the film won an Oscar for Best Makeup.