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  • Brittany Lynne

    Save or Toss: Makeup Expiration Dates, Defined & Explained! | Beauty and makeup tutorials

  • Paul Da Costa Salon

    Save or Toss: Makeup Expiration Dates, Defined & Explained! #MakeUp #Beauty #PaulDaCostaSalon

  • Dolores Howard

    Save or Toss: Makeup Expiration Dates, Defined, & Explained! - Sometimes, you have to clean out your makeup bag. Parting ways can be hard, but holding on to your beauty product for too long welcomes bacteria into your skin, eyes, and lips, so it’s best to say goodbye before the relationship gets toxic. Here’s our guide to product expiration dates. ---

  • Colleen McDonough

    Save or Toss Makeup Guide

  • Imane Sifi

    Save or Toss? Makeup Expiration Guide. Log on to for more beauty tips and tricks that can help YOU! How long you should keep makeup products for

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