save-or-toss makeup expiration dates. Good guide to have with me!

Do you ever wonder if you are using your concealer correctly? Read this makeup tutorial for concealer tips and tricks!

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This is helpful

makeup pairing color of makeup according to eye color. Finally some colors that i actually like!!


The makeup items every woman needs in her kit!

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Makeup Made Easy

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Find Your True Skin Tone

The perfect Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner and Disinfectant!! Your girl Monica tried this and brushes came out cleaner than any brush cleanser, shampoo or soap I've tried. This one's a keeper.


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Guide for expiration time of beauty products.

How to Look Good Without Makeup: 22 Steps (with Pictures)

Tricks for Applying Mascara and Using Eyelash Curler - How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Amazing - Cosmopolitan

The Ultimate Beauty Guide: 10 Ways to Sweat-Proof the Heck Out of Your Makeup

Your eye is the most important part of your body what makes you look fabulously gorgeous. Read the post below, it will helps you to know tinniest matter on eye makeup tips. #eyemakeuptips

This is seriously the best contour video I've ever seen in my life. Dang. No wonder I couldn't get this to look good before.