2014 Phases of the Moon Calendar

Lunar sentence composed with the Lunar Alphabet

Ink Calendar- The ink is absorbed at an exact rate so that today's date will be colored. coolest calendar ever!

A Visual Year - 2014 Calendar by Francesco Roveta, via Behance

Population Lines Print | Spatial.ly

What if the other planets were as close as the moon?! Mind = Blown

phases of the moon


2015 Moon Phases Calendar, metallic silver screen printed on black cotton paper, by Little Lark

Poster artwork for Tycho’s show at The Fillmore in San Francisco on March 20, 2014.

Uranus rings and moons

Earth, Moon, Milky way

trees-ofthe-earth: sci-universe: 2014 is rich in stargazing events and I put together a list to have a brief view of them. These are just some of the highlights to watch out for in the coming year, so I recommend checking out the full list with more details. Here is the high-res version of the image. Mark your calendars! C

would love to get a crane done, possibly on my shoulder blade, to represent my sister


Oooooh - moon phases calendar!

pine cone galaxy