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  • Paige J

    Which shape did the ball land on? Gross motor. Shapes. [or do Numbers. Colors. ABCs.] Make shapes on floor/sidewalk/garage with masking tape, painter tape, dry erase crayons, sidewalk chalk, etc. Have child name the shapes as he drives across with a riding toy or boxcar. Roll a ball back and forth between you and child and name the shape the ball touches. "Throw a bean bag on the circle" "Hop to the square" "Touch your nose on the rectangle" "Spin in a circle on the triangle" "Walk the perimeter of the star." Draw the shapes on a cardboard dice; throw the dice and then run to the right shape.

  • Ashley Fisher

    Learning shapes game

  • Hannah Hixon

    Easy game for children to learn shapes. Could also chart which shape is landed on the most. This game would cover so many skills: counting, gross motor, taking turns, etc. Could be played inside or out.

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