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I do not understand why some bioparents are threatened by stepparents instead of being thankful their kids have a good relationship with them. No one is trying to replace anyone.

A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom offers “advice from other stepmoms on how to juggle your job, your marriage, and your new stepkids.” Great read!..use this in class

We do it out of love and without any thanks. So....thank you to all the stepmoms out there struggling, loving, supporting and keeping it all together. You are appreciated. Therapy Blogfrom Therapy Blog

Good Communication Begins Within

The best way

I may be Whats her face to you but to him I am his wife, lover & best-friend and to your child, I am a loving step-mom & caring friend. Thanks to your hater attitude I've got it all, Thank you!

Happiness. <3 I love it when my bonus daughter does this! Reassures me im doing things the right way. :) :)

I love those three kids so much. So blessed to have them in my life and they supported our relationship before we knew each other. Who would have thought that my nephews best friends father and long time football coach would be the love of my life.

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"When children are raised seeing their parents love each other in a respectful, trustful, and positive manner, they have a much better chance at having the same relationship with their future spouse." Great Quote!!!! NEVER Fight in front of your children!!!!! One of the worst things you can do to them is fight in front of them. They will never forget it!!

A Step-Parent is SUPPOSE to embrace your kids as well as his/her own... No matter how he/she feels about your ex! Make sure of this before the I do's........