So true

Lol... That's amazing how the little girl gets this huge thing and the dude gets this tiny thing

ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER all of us still living in flip phone land!

22 Things Boys Do That Girls Shouldn't Love. (According to thingsboysdowelove and justgirlythings, girls really love the little things boys do for them. They shouldn't.)


hahaha lol that was funny.

Omg that THING…

Just do it... one of the best thing ever.>>>> This is just... too great :,)

I don't think I'd drink out of that.

Difference between guys and girls......... so true :)

this is actually me


Lol. Toddler problems.

18 Things That Don’t Make Any Sense/Are Pretty Fun

#OneDirection for tcas is trending! Come on ladies lets vote for our boys! Please if you are a true fan vote for one direction!

BEYOND true.

The thing is.... this is really accurate. Like, PAINFULLY accurate

This kid is awesome.<<< I agree but what the heck are these questions? I mean those only seem like the logical answers like what do they learn in that class!