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  • Johanna B

    They call it a phone... True Story, I had my 4 kids with me and we saw a pay phone. I told them not to touch it (germs). My oldest 11 turned to younger siblings and said,"That is from the 20th Century."

  • Felix Gonzalez Jr.

    Old school, when all a phone did was make phone calls

  • Lori Keever

    So true more funny pics on facebook:

  • Breana Walton

    This makes laugh!!!

  • JessicaS

    They call it a phone… but how did mom and dad play Angry Birds?!

  • Charis Castello

    There will come a time we're at people don't know y we call it rolling down the window of a car- Humor

  • Hallie Star

    What is this thing?.... Funny stuff

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