Bouncing Bubbles!

DIY Bubbles that Bounce Recipe! And 49 of the BEST Kids Summer Fun Activities I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaking

moonsand - mix together 4 cups sand, 2 cups cornflour, and 1 cup of water

unbreakable bubbles

The BEST homemade bubble recipe - hands down!

A Couple of Craft Addicts: Snake Bubbles

Rainy Day Project - Stained glass window with press-n-seal and tissue paper.

KID CRAFT: Foam Dough! Easy to make and only 2 ingredients!

All you need is an old sock, a bot­tle, dish soap, and maybe some food col­or­ing. Instant magic!

chenille bubble blowers make bigger bubbles

Bouncing bubbles...bubbles that don't pop! Just like the Gymboree ones! Yay I've been looking for this recipe

Homemade Leak Proof Water Blob (without tape!) - this is a genius idea, I'm making one this summer - just for me to play on!!

Clear contact paper with the sticky side out, taped to a window. anything, fun, fun for a rainy day

Rainy Day Craft : Bongo Boards

i'm going to try this

Bored? You can make giant, stretchy, REUSABLE bubbles that had our entire family giggling for hours!

really REALLY want to do something like this for H for Christmas this year!

The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids!