Toasted Selfies- The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation sells custom toasters that can toast the image of a person’s face into bread. The company starts by transforming the customer’s high resolution photo into a metal plate with the help of Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter. The plate is then fitted into a special toaster for the final toasting effect.

Happy Morning Toaster #Toaster

Could Plastc replace your wallet? It can hold more than 20 cards and also has upgradeable firmware.

VW bus toaster. This is one of those things he doesn't know he wants. He already has a toaster and is probably fine with the one he has, but it's not a VW toaster.

jellyfish tank- i've literally never wanted anything so much in my entire life.

You can write notes and then they will be toasted onto the bread....forget leaving handwritten notes in lunch boxes, just have it toasted on the bread itself!

The Lytro Illum.


Lego Office Party

The Glide | The toaster hasn't received much design attention | Enter George Watson - gadget guru and engineer who crafted the Glide.


That's probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. The only thing I'd be scared about is burning myself

Trebuchet Toaster: Set the angle and the force to target your plate. Ha ha, awesome

It's literally a HOT DOG TOASTER!!!

Tefal Toast N' Egg Toaster #gadget--Skinny people always inventing extra ways to cook the same damn thing, longer.


I want this! *** Clear Toaster

Toaster Shaped USB Hub and USB Flash Drives

Toaster charger- phones pop up when fully charged