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    Burnt Impressions is selling this toaster that toasts selfies onto bread. For just $75 you can have a very vague depiction of your face on a piece of toast. Whoa, that’s like Jesus status! Still, how naraccissitc do you have to be to warrant buying a selfie toaster? I don’t know, but my guess is VERY. $75

    best toaster ever


    In-bread? Pure-bread? The toast of the town. A yeasty Yorkie? A Gold Wheatriever? #funny #dog

    Lego Office Party

    Why did I think this was so funny?

    Do your "other business" at work with style. -

    Toaster Knife


    Fancy toast maker



    It's literally a HOT DOG TOASTER!!!

    The Glide | The toaster hasn't received much design attention | Enter George Watson - gadget guru and engineer who crafted the Glide.

    The Power Nap Head Pillow - wish I had this in college

    You can write notes and then they will be toasted onto the bread....forget leaving handwritten notes in lunch boxes, just have it toasted on the bread itself!

    I know pinterest is kind of a girl thing but I cant help but think of my bf when I see things like this. Great Gift Ideas!!

    Toaster Shaped USB Hub and USB Flash Drives

    toaster that toasts your hand written message on each slice

    Toaster charger- phones pop up when fully charged.

    Goodbye, burnt toast--clear toaster allows you to see when it's done.