DIY Peace Cake

DIY Peace Cake

These desserts are gorgeous! The technique to make these cakes are so simple. I love that I can actually make something that looks this gorgeous to take to parties and to make for my kids!

strawberry role cake

Cute flower cake. (the link has 2 more surprise-inside cakes that I really like too!) The outsides are nice as well.

Paisley Cake

Lemon-Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake

Surprise cakes! Cutting these confections reveals a stunning secret.

Pink cake with sprinkles.

Love the idea of making this beautiful cake for an art themed party.

Birthday Cake


Giraffe Cake Roll...crazy cool technique

How To Make A Tie-Dye Cake. This guide is AMAZING. Not just for tie-diy cakes.

Cake decoration - For you fondant enthusiast, circles galores. fondant covered with nothing but different cookie cutter circles. Very modern. love it.

DIY Peace Cake

Surprise Name Cake CAUTION!!! You must put wording ONLY in the way you know you will cut or advise others to cut...or it won't make sense! :) These are really fun!!!

Rainbow Surprise Cake

Polka Dot Cake - with a fun dot pattern on both the outside AND inside of the cake! | From

Make a Leopard Cake! And learn how to create really cool effects with cake batter!