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Electric Blue

Glacier National Park - Hidden Lake Goatset | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Out of the Blue by mosaics, via Flickr

Toucan bird | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

APHRODITE by Julee Latimer, via Flickr

Ghost Crab photographed (2010) by Mark Kenworthy in the Cocos Islands. via aussieskibum on flickr

Blue Buttons are not true jellyfish, but are Chondrophores. These are actually colonies of polyps. In other words, they are like a tiny colony of animals.

Eastern Bluebird

It's important to help the bees with the planting of wildlife friendly plants in the garden.


lowland silver back gorilla

great blue herons

Beautiful blue butterfly

Chameleon and Lab by scott cromwell, via Flickr

Colorful Blue Morpho butterfly

Little one is so curious. #Animals #Birds #Owl #Beautiful #Feather #Fly #Wings #Cute #Eyes #Black and white #Photography

After a bee flew into my hair, and, when swatting at it, it fell to pieces that took a while to comb out (SHUDDER!), we moved to Texas and the butterflies were HUMONGOUS and would boldly fly at me and hit me in the face and head. Terrible!!

These Underwater Creatures Look Like Something From A Different Planet! | True Activist



butterflies in brazil