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Flutterbye Flower Fairy: If you want that absolute magical holiday moment where your kids’ mouths drop open, their eyes glisten and smiles spread across their gorgeous faces,

Flutterbye Flower Fairy(Purple) SpinMaster

Zing Air Hunterz Target FFP Pack: Perfect for little Katnisses and Robin Hoods.

Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System: This is a great inside toy during the winter months–kids can arrange tournaments, place obstacles on the green, etc. But only if you think they won’t hit the ball too hard and break a window.

Lego Architecture Play Sets are great for play and also as a keepsake. Perfect for the older Lego aficionado. On Alpha Mom's "Forever" Hit Toys List (aka Toys with Staying Power).

The Sphero: is really a gaming system not just a single-use toy. It’s so unique and inventive that I think kids will find a ton of ways to play with it. review

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet: “super cool” according to my boys. Kids can write whatever they want on the screen with the stylus (or their finger), then click a button to immediately erase it and have a blank page.

Madd Capp Cat Checkers: If you're all bored with regular Checkers, this version is a lot of fun.