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9/11 My stomach dropped as the buildings collapsed. I was sick and could not believe that they fell.

World Trade Center Attack 2002 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Steve Ludlum, New York Times

9/11 - NEVER FORGET (If the smoke plume were some kind of fluffy plant in a vase, this would be amazing, instead of deadly & heart-stopping.)

9/11 - Beyond sad, beyond belief - looks like the end of the world.

Heroes unity, Never forget, United we stand, Divided we fall, September 11 2001, God Bless America is a day to remember but also a day that we need to come together as one!!!!

a great photo doesn't show what it looks like, a great photo shows what it FEELS like. This is one of those photos that, to me, completely captures 9/11. I remember seeing it in the paper the first time and I bawled my eyes out seeing it. It's still so powerful and that is why I love is so powerful.

9/11/2001 series 'Everyone who was affected is part of our family. Their lives taken and destroyed by an enemy. Let us pray for them and their children and their children's children.' CFB