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    Fried tortilla cone sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

  • Christina Bradic

    Creative Ice Cream Cones; Cookie, Graham Cracker, Pretzel, corn tortilla - Great Ideas

  • Marissa Squire Kohl

    GF cone idea: Heat several tablespoons of oil in a pan. Fry a small corn tortilla on both sides, until it just begins to stiffen then remove from heat, shaking gently off the excess oil. Immediately drop onto a plate of cinnamon-sugar, coating both sides. Then, flip it over to a flat surface and roll it into a cone shape. While it cools, place it top-down into a narrow cup or glass, so that it has a form to hold it's shape.

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Here's a recipe for elephant ear I discovered What you'll need: Tortillas (uncooked) Oil for deep frying Sugar Cinnamon First, deep fry a tortilla til it's brown on both sides (apx 10 seconds on each side) Then on a plate mix sugar and cinnamon and put the fried tortilla into the cinnamon sugar mix and press it so it gets coated, flip and do the same. Enjoy!

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